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Nick Waskosky with thrifted pieces
Nick Waskosky

Meet the College Student Making a Living Reselling on Poshmark!

College students have become culturally synonomous with the #BrokeCollegeStudent memes. With the high cost of tuition and minimum wage jobs that barely cover the cost of a textbook, it’s hard to make money as a student. But University of Minnesota student, Nick Waskosky, is not one of those students. At only 19, the Retail Merchandising major has been able to make enough money to pay his tuition, his car payment, and his insurance. He even manages to have money left over. And, he’s able to manage a full-time class schedule, taking sixteen credits this semester. 

So now, you might be asking, how does he do it? By reselling! “I started reselling at buy sell trade stores when I was about 11,” he told me. “I started Poshmark in July 2015 when I was 14.” Today, Waskosky considers reselling his main source of income. He has become one of the most recognized members of the reseller community. His instagram, @nci_resale, has almost 18000 followers. He has also started a Youtube channel where he documents his reselling journeys, gives reselling tips, and also posts hauls of items that he will be listing.

However, Waskosky did not always consider selling on Poshmark. “A woman at Goodwill outlet actually told me about it and I originally brushed it off,” he admits. “One day, I decided to try it and look where that got me.” He was invited as a speaker at Poshmark’s Posh Fest when he was still in high school. At the most recent Posh Fest, he was an official closet consultant. As of February 2020, Waskosky’s Poshmark closet has almost 200,000 followers.

Waskosky says he plans to continue reselling as long as people are buying. “I love thrifting and listing. They are like stress relievers for me. I do not see it as my career but it will always be a part of me and my success.” When asked what advice he had for students who are looking to start reselling, he says to start with clothes you don’t wear and just grow from there. “Just do it, there is no excuse not to.” 


I didn’t shoes this life, the life chose me. #thrifted

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