The Majestic Glossier

The baby pink colored store and cute packaging of products we have all been seeing on Instagram are now available for all Chicago residents to experience!

Glossier, the famous beauty brand originating from New York City has landed in Chicago! Glossier chose Chicago to open up a pop up store and the temporary addition is a big hit!

Glossier is open until October so make sure to stop by soon. It is located in the West Loop in downtown Chicago; about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

Every aspect of the store including the placement of flowers, the number of mirrors, and the beautiful candle scents that were burning all over was perfect. The store was fully stocked with all of the makeup, skin care products and perfumes available. The store also carries one of their newer products called “Zit Stick,” which is an acne spot treatment pen.

If you get a chance to visit, I encourage you to try some of the following at the store:

1. Take a picture of the storefront, it is beautiful!

2. Take a photo of with one of the many mirrors, the options are endless!

3. Grab one of their super cute postcards 

4. Try their products, there is no limit to testing any of them on yourself to find your perfect match

5. Stock up on their products while you can, once the store is gone, you will have to shop online or get a plane ticket to New York

Glossier is truly a wonderful and beautiful pop up store that is a woman’s wonderland of everything beauty.

(Photos by author)