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Let Your Inner Bookworm Free At These Hip Bookstores

Books are the gateway to a world of imagination and creativity. The world becomes limitless, and you are no longer confined to the four walls that surround you. Books allow us to be transported to other worlds. This does not necessarily make us out of touch with reality, but enhances our abilities to love everything around us more. Books are meant to help us understand the world we live in. By entering the minds of characters whom we don’t know anything about, we are taught empathy and self reflecting habits. The beauty of reading is that we can pick up books whenever we wish. Reading books teaches us patience and how to think more critically. This is why it is important that we nourish our mind and spirit with books. It simply feels good to have knowledge because it can help us become less ignorant and more helpful human beings. To be able to seek out understanding through books is a huge step toward personal growth because we are humbling ourselves and seeking out answers. 

One of the perks of living in Chicago is that it is very diverse. Every community is different and has its own aesthetics. Though Chicago is known for being an urban city, it is also versatile in accommodating the tastes of everyone. Chicago has some of the most unique and eccentric bookstores imaginable. Some of my personal favorites are located as what is known as the “hipster” neighborhood of Wicker Park. Here are 5 bookstores that have pretty much every genre, author, or theme under the sun and are simply super dope.

1. Myopic Books

Do you remember the moving staircases from Harry Potter? If you enjoyed those staircases, you will enjoy the interior architecture of the Myopic Bookstore in Wicker Park. There are intersecting and crossing staircases that give us the vibe of being inside a maze. There are 3 floors inside the Myopic Bookstore those of which are the basement, the first floor, and the second floor. It is an ideal place to chill and just let your inner bookworm out. Myopic Bookstore has a resident cat named Leonard, which I have yet to see, but is totally a thing. 

Image from Pexels: Books

2. Volumes Bookcafe

If you are looking to read and get a cup of coffee, then Volumes is the perfect place to go. It has a cozy, laid back, and quiet environment. You can order a muffin or any of your favorite snacks. There is a variety of magazines, books, and comic books to choose from. There are also places to sit if you want to read, or if you choose to simply enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Image from Pexels: Coffee and Books

3. Quimby’s Bookstore

This is a safe space for people that love weird, indie, artsy, and alternative things. 

Image by Pexels: Superheroes

4. The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.

If you are looking to inspire a younger generation through non-profit support, then “The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.” is the ideal place to go. This bookstore store is dedicated to encouraging teachers (middle and high school) to teach their students about the wonders of reading and writing.

Image from Pexels: Bookstore

5. Occult Book Store

If you are a person that is in tune with their own spirituality and wants to know more about the world of healing, then this is the perfect bookstore. Occult Book Store offers books on spirituality, magic, healing, and witchcraft. You don’t have to necessarily know much about these topics, you can simply go in, and learn about them if you wish. 

Check out these bookstores, and I promise you won’t regret getting a book or two!

I am a creative person who enjoys learning about the ways in which art can take different forms. My passions include learning about issues that effect our lives; things ranging from politics, media, culture, music, art, philosophy, technology, or education. I am a Chicago native and an undergraduate student at UIC majoring in English and minoring in Film.
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