Let A Coin Decide Your Destination

Bored on a weekend? Are you and your friends stuck on not knowing what to do? Try this fun game that will surely take you out of your comfort zone. My friend Lunah and I wanted to try something new, so we decided to let a coin decide our fate. Yep... a coin. We made the rules simple:

  1. Drive in a car
  2. Passenger flips two coins at every intersection
  3. Two heads= turn right
  4. Two tails= turn left
  5. One head, One tail= go straight 
  6. Flip 15 times

Although 15 times initially didn't seem like a lot, we ended up pretty far. We ended up about 8 miles away from where we started. Although it was a simple game, it allowed us to go through some well-known suburbs that we had not been familiar with. Along the way, we even came across a vacant Toys R Us that still had it's large signs up... it got pretty nostalgic. Give it a try, you may end up finding yourself at a Taco Bell or an abandoned hot dog stand like us.

(photos by author)