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Last Minute Advice For Finals Week

The end of the semester here and that’s so exciting because we made it! We’ve spent hours doing homework and hours reading books. We also have been deprived of sleep and freedom to have fun. However, we still have finals to complete, so there are several things that we have to do to finish this semester off strong.


   1. Plan out time to study

This sounds basic and almost everyone says this, but it’s important to find time each day to study for your exams and projects. I write out my final assignments on a whiteboard, I plan out the amount of time needed to work on each class, and I check off each task. 

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   2.  Study with a buddy

It’s easy to have someone work with you to get the job done, especially in a chaotic time like this. Use your social media apps to study with your friends and classmates. Make sure you all push each other to do your best because there’s nothing better than love and support. 

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   3. Restrict distractions

TV, social media, music, video games, and people are fun to have around, but our priorities should be about ending with a high GPA. We often get carried away in entertainment because it takes our minds off our priorities. In order to avoid distractions, set timers when you’re engaging in stuff that has nothing to do with school. After the timer stops, you get back into school mode. For example, The Blacklist is one of my favorite shows that I’m watching on Netflix. Last week, I finished a whole season! Nevertheless, I can’t let that happen during finals week and neither should you all.  [bf_image id="nmsfg587ftsp4sbt8x3jhr"]

  4. Workout

Staying healthy is one of the best things to do when studying for your finals. Head over to your local gym, do some yoga, or dance at home. Try to eat healthy foods to keep your energy up, and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. I don’t order from Uber Eats because fast food only provides quick energy. [bf_image id="wf5hv5n8h67gb3fxz6f6fbt"]

Nikiya Alfred is the current events director for the UIC HER CAMPUS chapter. She's a third-year college student from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a passion for problem-solving issues in the CPS system. As an Urban Education major with a concentration in English Language Arts, she wants to explore more on Educational policy. This is the perfect opportunity for her to build relationships with other women who have a passion for writing. Please follow her on Instagram @Moondoll_7.
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