Lady Poem

She takes the train to work every day

Her heart races as she collects her pay

The men at work are lost when it comes to understanding her why

But she doesn't bother to entertain them; she just goes about her day


She files the paperwork and delivers it to her employer's desk

Of course, nothing satisfies him because he never rests

She takes her lunch break and sips her tea

Then, a buzzing bee disrupts her peace


She moves to another table and stares at the window hoping for a break

Then a baker walks by with his delicious cookies and cakes

She then remembers tomorrow would be her baby girl's 10th birthday

Nevertheless, she remembers that she spent her last on paying the light bill


No obstacle stood in her way

No matter how big or small was her pay

She wasn't going to let money ruin her day

She dug in her purse, searching for leftover change

She even looked in her desk and other places within her range


Afterward, she counted a total of $6.37

She looked at the clock and had 30 minutes left for break

Her fast adrenaline was no mistake

She grabbed her purse and ran out to the Exit door


Then caught the bus just on time 

Paid her fair with only 5 dimes

She rode the bus to the grocery store

Once she arrived, she ran into the door


She grabbed her buggy and pulled out her list

With only 15 minutes left to spare

She didn't care

She grabbed a carton of eggs, milk, sugar, and flour


Then, she purchases the items and was 50 cents short

She looked at the register and was scared

But the man didn't care and just let her go

She smiled and said "thank you" as she sprinted outside the door


The bus came right on time

She hopped in with only 5 minutes left

The bus was going at a nice pace at first

But then, it got stopped by a red light


She was scared for life and with only 2 minutes left things got worse

The bus just needed to turn the corner and drop her off there

However, she did not care

She grabbed her bag of groceries and sprinted off the bus


She gasped for air 

People looked at her crazy

But she didn't care

She made it to her job just in time


Her boss called her to file some more paperwork

Even though he was always being a huge jerk

She was glad to be back at work


She had her carton of eggs, milk, sugar, and flour

Her baby girl was going to be happy

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels