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On November 30th, Billboard had their annual Women in Music Awards. Although this particular someone has peaked in the mainstream, it was still so exciting to see her gaining more of a spotlight.

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Kehlani won the Rule Breaker award, and her speech was just as amazing as her performance of ‘Honey.’ The award definitely suits her; since the start, she’s been doing things her way and, by being herself and, it’s slowly, but surely getting recognized.

I first heard Kehlani when SweetSexySavage was just touching the surface. I went to listen to some of her older music, and I knew this girl had to be on my playlist. I started watching interviews with her, following her on social media, stalking her, basically. Then, I went to see one of her concerts, here in Chicago, and I realized this is an authentic human being, a true artist, who deserves more.

Even though a few songs would play on the radio, she was still very underground. It was upsetting because I truly felt like this is a person who deserves more recognition and hype. Not only can she sing and dance, but that energy, that amazing spirit, and personality, the realness, the sense of humor- it just deserved more.

Soon, nominations started coming, and I was thrilled and voting. I would see her walking red carpets and just be like “YAAAASSS GIRL!” Then came the American Music Awards (AMAS) where Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled announced that Kehlani was going on tour with them and I was just like…

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Finally, came the Billboards where she won and what’s best, for being unique, for being Kehlani.

At just my age, 22, Kehlani has been through a lot and has managed to persevere; her passion and her fire transcend in everything she does and her fearlessness to go against the standard is inspiring. I, for one, am excited and am happy to be witnessing the GLO UP and the COME UP.

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So, if you sleeping on my girl, Imma need you to stop playing yourself, and you can start by checking out her newest music video:

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