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Keep the Wanderlust Alive!

The best gift we can give to ourselves is travel. We have all heard stories of friends who have studied abroad or who have gone on trips to different cities or countries in search of adventure. But, what exactly does it mean to travel? Of course, traveling has a different purpose and meaning to everyone. It does not have to be the same for everyone, but there is, ultimately, a real purpose in traveling, and it is something which we all need to seek out. Traveling is meant to bring you closer to yourself and to the world around you. Travel is the form of reconciliation, but our wonder and curiosity of the world naturally fades as we get older. The purpose of traveling is to help us find something. We come to new cities and countries in search of finding familiarity with the unknown. By exploring unknown cities, we hope to find a new home. Could the world be a paradise that we get to explore everyday? Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel. We know what wanderlust is, we all know how Instagram is famous for wanderlust crazed people, but how exactly does it impact our lives, and what is true about wanderlust? How can we make our travel experiences unique to us? Here are five ways wanderlust can change your life:

1. Create great awe and wonder in us

To see beauty in person is not something someone gets to do everyday. We are lucky enough to live in a world where there is an abundance of beauty. To see a sight such as a waterfall, mountains, a sunset, the ocean, or wild animals, is a masterpiece. By witnessing all the beauty, we get to see how magnificent and wonderful we are, just like what is in front of us.

Photo By Wanderlust Photography

2. Have alone time

To travel means to be alone with yourself. You are alone with your thoughts and self. Being alone means that you get to listen very closely to what you are truly trying to say and why. The need to be closer to ourselves makes us human; it is how we survive. It is not often that we get to be alone with ourselves. A trip is all that is needed in order for anyone to be able to be with themselves again.

Photo By Ocean Landscapes Photography

3. Looking for familiarity with the world through culture

Culture is rich in meaning, history, and power. Culture defines how people communicate with one another and is important for the survival of a group of people. We need to become familiar with those around us and see how they live and communicate. When traveling to different countries, we get to see the language, customs, dress norms, food, and music of that group of people. All of these things are embedded into their culture.

Photo By Chimu Adventure

4. Inspiration and creativity

It is always a great feeling to get a glimpse of a whole new world. Walking through the streets of a new city makes you feel like you're on a different planet. The architecture, city lights, crowds, and sounds make you realize that there is so much to see, feel, and hear. 

Photo By Ken Koskela Photography

5. People watching

There is something therapeutic about people watching. By observing others, we get to see parts of ourselves in them. We see the joy, sadness, excitement, and love in the faces of others. Travel offers us the opportunity to see the humanity in people who look different, speak differently, and who have completely different lifestyles.

Photo By Inna Race Art Photography

Travel while you can! Save up that money, and get yourself those lifelong memories!

I am a creative person who enjoys learning about the ways in which art can take different forms. My passions include learning about issues that effect our lives; things ranging from politics, media, culture, music, art, philosophy, technology, or education. I am a Chicago native and an undergraduate student at UIC majoring in English and minoring in Film.
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