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Jared Deinlein


Jared Deinlein is majoring in graphic design however his true passion is oil painting. Shown above is his oil painting called Shirley. To see more of Jared Deinlein artwork go to his website. www.jareddeinlein.com.  He decided to go to school for Graphic Design because it was one of degrees where he says you can get employed and make money.
Jared says, “I always debate and ask myself why am I going into debt, borrowing money from private banks, and being charged interest to get a piece of paper in something I am not passionate for?”  He takes different courses that are unrelated to Graphic Design such as philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and astronomy.  He says, “I believe general knowledge is important for the development of all people.”
Jared was always been interested in art starting when he was very young. “I particularly was fascinated by the visual arts such as movies, and drawings.  Later when I became a teenager, I developed an appreciation for auditory art, such as music and sound.”
“I often listen to music, watch films, listens to talk radio, politics, lectures, science, photography, and read articles and journals.  I gain inspiration from everything and anything. It can be completely arbitrary when inspiration strikes.”
He is fascinated by contemporary surrealist painters of today. He says, “I am also fond of older artists such as Michelangelo, Carravaggio, and Rembrandt. I also feel the artists of various movies move me, such as Darren Arronofsky and Gaspar Noé to name a couple.”
He says he often finds beauty in a vast variety of things. ”I feel that one piece of art that has left a lasting impression would be Michelangelo’s late 15th century marble sculpture, Pietà.” He explains the piece was sculpted by hammer and chisel with such precision. Michelangelo completed the piece at the very young age of 24 years old.
Maybe one day Jared will get his own art recognized but until then he keeps pursuing his love of art. After he graduates he plans to go on to graduate school. He is still unsure as to what he wants to get his masters in, but he knows he wants a masters degree to help him get a teaching position at a University or Academy for painting and drawing. He also hopes getting a masters degree will help get his artwork recognition.

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