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It’s Time To Recognize Dorota As The Best Character On “Gossip Girl”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

One of my favorite’s scenes in “Gossip Girl” is when Dorota told Chuck Bass, “zwariowałeś gówniarzu,” and not just because my family is Polish and I heard that phrase A LOT growing up. In my eyes, Dorota was the best character on “Gossip Girl.” She seemed to be the only character that doesn’t lose her true identity among the other Upper East-Siders. In this scene, she refused to allow Chuck to boss her around, he wasn’t the one employing her. So, here’s why Dorota was the best character on “Gossip Girl”

She Cares About Blair, SO MUCH

Regardless of what Blair was going through, Dorota cared for her so much. Even at her own wedding, Dorota comforts the heartbroken Blair. She never stops believing in Blair’s relationship with Chuck. She really is much more than just Blair’s maid. I would argue that her relationship with Blair is much like that of two best friends! Blair trusts Dorota, and Dorota cares about Blair. 

Her Comebacks

Dorota has some wonderful comebacks, like when she told Chuck that if the KGB can’t get her to talk, Chuck Bass can’t either!

Her and Vanya are #CoupleGoals

I wish her and Vanya had more screen time because they were honestly one of my favorite couples on the show. 

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