Ignite (Poem)

blue and orange acrylic abstract painting Photo by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash A rumble stirred from underneath my feet, the vibrations pumping with every beat.

From left to right, every animal was in flight, something was coming to rue the night.

Footprints carved deep into the earth: steps of hurry, steps of worth.

They ran and I came too, for the sky was no longer shaded blue.

Deep behind the forest trees, where plant life was well past your knees,

The mountain began to roar and tremble: an explosion from the volcanic temple.

Lava rose and erupted into the atmosphere; there is no turning back, and that was clear.

A devilish red crept into the core, a tangerine orange was blistering for more.

The painted fire dripped into the sky, this was where I said, "goodbye".