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I Went to My Favorite Band Alone and This is What Happened

2017’s Lollapalooza took me on a ride. Thursday started as a picture perfect day but later transformed into the worst downpour this tiny writer has ever experienced. Soaked to the bone, shivering in my only festival appropriate clothes, I deeply reconsidered my concert going life. As a 5’2 girl, there is more struggle than you can imagine when it comes to festivals. Lucky enough to be at armpit level, you get the constant scent of B.O., and if that wasn’t fun enough the chances that you’ll see the actual artist is very slim.

So with all that in mind I walked my drenched ass off to my hotel and waited for the next 3 days.

Anyway, the point of my story comes to the reason I paid 315 dollars for a ticket and 200 more on a hotel. I was about to see my favorite band, and nothing mattered because The Killers were going to change my life.

I was with my boyfriend and a couple friends, we had lost them a while back when we got to the stage The Killers were playing at. So, we’re in this crowd for maybe an hour, dying of thirst, tired as hell, just pulling through for that magical moment. My magical moment, actually, he was just there because that man’s love for me is infinite.

15 minutes to go, and the drunk guy in front of us starts yelling something. We ignore it for a while but then, I kid you not, this guy takes a knee in a full crowd, whips out his thingy and pees right in front of us. I literally could not believe it, people were so grossed out they started pushing back, but he was too close to us to get away from him. My boyfriend looked at me, basically pleading to leave this crowd. I told him I’d meet back up with him, and although he hesitated he let me stay for The Killers by myself.

I’d never been at a concert by myself, and of course never been alone at a festival, but the sun was starting to set, and they started testing the sound equipment. I managed to get myself close to the front (away from the peeing guy) and thanked the lord for my small size. Perfect for people to let you through. I ended up screaming my lungs out with random girls I met that knew every single song just like I did. I danced to Human, cried at Runaways, and lost my voice at Mr. Brightside. It was the life-changing experience I had hoped for, and I loved every second of it. I am so glad I stayed to see my favorite band and wasn’t afraid to be alone and in charge of my festival experience. Would highly recommend!

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