I Visited The Wall In Bethlehem, Palestine

For the past 17 years, there has been a wall in Palestine that was built by the Israeli government. The wall separates all Palestinian territories from meeting Israeli territories. Essentially, the 25-foot tall wall's purpose is to control Palestinian civilians and restrict them from having access to most areas in Palestine. The wall is a separation barrier that extends nearly 500 miles in length around Palestinian territories. It contains several checkpoints that are monitored by Israeli soldiers. Besides the fact that the wall is a cruel way to isolate Palestinians, civilians have taken advantage of it by creating powerful artwork on the wall. The artworks contain powerful messages that promote peace and equality for all. Artists express their opposition and resentment of the wall in a beautiful manner. Even artists like Bansky (one of my personal favorites) have traveled to the wall to add their own influential pieces. Below are a few photos taken at the wall in Bethlehem:

Dorothy Gets Frisked by Banksy (photo by author)

(Photo by author) (Photo by author) Make Hummus Not Walls by Bansky 2007 (photo by author) Flower Thrower by Banksy (photo by author)