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I Tried The Alba Botanica® Acnedote® Pimple Patches and They Are Great!

                                                                                                                      A MUST TRY PIMPLE PATCH!

Struggling with a pimple is probably one of the worst things ever! Sometimes you just want to go into hiding until it is gone, but I tried the Alba Botanica®

Acnedote® pimple patches and they worked better than anything I have tried, before! My problem pimple was gone in no time! It left no scars and absolutely no signs that anything was there.

Not only did they work, but they are 100% vegetarian! The product is not tested on animals and it contains no synthetic ingredients! Parabens and Phthalates are not included either! Also, absolutely, no harsh sulfates!

Each remarkable patch draws fluids and oils out and away from the skin to help reduce inflammation while the tight seal keeps skin moist to encourage faster healing and reduces the risk of scarring.

You won’t even realize it’s there while it works its magic.

The Alba Botanica® Acnedote® pimple patches are a non-drying treatment that is focused directly on the problem. An occlusive barrier helps keep bacteria out and prevents touching, picking and popping. Invisible patches disappear on the skin and stay in place even while you sleep. Just put it on and let all your worries go away!

To learn more about the product and see other products by this amazing brand, check out their website! At https://www.albabotanica.com/en/products/acnedote-pimple-patches/

(All photos were taken by the author.)

My name is Evelyn I love to be adventurous and try new things. I am a pre-nutrition major at the University of Illinois-Chicago. I love food, friends, and tacos.
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