How to Work on Your Brand During Winter Break

The 2020 semester is finally over. Phew!!!  Now, you can finally take more naps, watch more Netflix, or do some shopping. This year has been one of the most chaotic years in history, especially for new millennials. It's important that you reflect on this year and think about all of the blessings and curses because they're always going to work hand-in-hand. Even though we're on a semester break, this isn't the time to forget about tomorrow, this is actually the time to plan ahead for a better future. Below are 3 tips that can help shape 2021 for a better year.

1.) Apply for Scholarships

overhead view of a woman sitting in front of her laptop Photo by from Pexels

We've all heard this one before, especially during high school. The economy is crazy and people are looking for jobs to pay for school and bills. This is the perfect time to do some research and ask your advisors for help with the scholarship process.  Many colleges are offering grants to help students in financial crises. I use and Niche to apply for scholarships.

2.)  Organize Your Life

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Life is much easier when you plan ahead. Every month, I find myself rearranging my room so I can feel more comfortable and organized. This makes it easier for me to do my homework and study better. I also find myself purchasing new calendars and journals because it’s easy for me to keep track of important dates and deadlines.

3.) Research Different Internships and Career Programs 

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This is the perfect time to enhance your career and build your brand. I am a member of Braven X,  a career preparatory program for college students, and I've grown so much into the person I aspire to be. Additionally, I also participated in a program called Upkey, which is similar to Braven X, and it’s an online virtual program there are several programs out there for college and non-college students to work on their career goals, but many people don't know about these programs because they’re new. For Braven, apply here. For Upkey, here.