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How To: Water Marbling

It’s always really hard to find cute things to do with your nails. Whether it’s zebra print, hearts, or your usual stripes, it’s just too boring. Water marbling is the perfect solution. Although it can be messy, it is super unique and really pretty. Don’t look at the picture and think “I can’t do it,” because with these simple steps, you can!

What You’ll Need

1. At least three different color polishes – colors that fit well together!

2. A disposable cup or bowl – you’ll be putting your hand and polish in it.

3. Toothpicks

4. Petroleum Jelly (or tape if you don’t have any)

5. Cotton Swabs

6. Polish Remover

Before You Start

  • I like to polish my nails a solid color, just in case the marbling doesn’t touch the entire nail. This step is optional. If you decide to do it then you can use a white or any pale color.
  • The water must be room temperature, and the polish can’t be super thick, or it will not spread properly.
  • Spread petroleum Jelly on the skin around your nails, and your knuckle to be safe. This stops the polish from getting on your skin.
  • Because this is a fast process, untwist the polish tops and line them up in order.

Water Marbling Process

1. Let your first color drip into the water from the brush, then the next color, and so on. You can repeat this again.

2. After the polish spreads out, gently take the toothpick and pull polish from the outer ring, to the center. Do this until you like the design, this is what your nail will look like.

3. Doing your best to align your nail with the polish, dip your finger into the water. Leave your nail there until after Step 4.

4. Using the toothpick, swirl in the cup until the extra polish is gone. Now you can pull your finger out.

 5. If any extra polish is on your skin, use a cotton swab with polish remover.

6. Repeat for your other nails.

Every nail will come out unique! Good luck, and happy polishing!


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