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How To Survive On A Deserted Island With HC Survival Kits

We often get asked “what would you take with you if you were stuck on an island?” If you have never thought about what you would want to take, here is a list of suggestions to chose from. If you are still not set, then I hope you find one of these items helpful during your time being stranded on an island.

1. A book

Many of us would love to take a computer to finish all those shows that get interrupted by our homework, but unfortunately this said island has no electricity. I do, however suggest taking a good book you can read during your free time. A good book I recommend is “Adulthood is a Myth” and “The Roommate Book” both by Andrews McMeel Publishing. This way you will have a good book to read while you wait to get saved and are ready to debunk the “adulthood” myth that has been forced upon us while being the best roommate possible.

Instagram: @AndrewMcMeel, @sarahandersoncomics (Adulthood is a Myth) @beckymsimps (The Roommate Book)

Facebook: Andrews McMeel, Adulthood is a Myth, The Roommate Book

Twitter: @AndrewsMcMeel, @SarahCAndersen (Adulthood is a Myth) @beckymsimps (The Roommate Book)

Hashtag: #SarahScribbles

2. A good mug and koozie

Say you’re thirsty, and you decide you want a drink. Sea water is an option, but you have to boil it to get rid of any bacteria. You can collect rain water, but then you would need somewhere to put it. Solution? The CamelBak Forge Divide Mug! This way the water you worked so hard to boil and collect won’t spill while running away from any animals inhabiting the island you are stranded on. With that said, you will also need a koozie to keep your water cool. Flying Colors Apparel has got you covered. Then after you get saved, you can go to their site and order some super cute collegiate clothes to feel right back at home.

Instagram: @camelbak @flyingcolorsapparel

Camel Bak FacebookFlying Colors Apparel Facebook

Twitter: @camelbak

Hashtag: #GotYourBak, #DitchDisposable, #CamelBak #GameDayGlam, #flyingcolorsapparel

3. Feminine products

Your period isn’t considerate and will continue to flow despite you being alone in an island. Tampons and pads are usually great but you have no access to a Target and a way to dispose of them. Luckily, we have the DivaCup. The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that you wear internally to collect your period. It offers 12 hours of leak-free protection for worry-free menstruating. You will have one less monthly issue to worry about. If you also experience some itching down there, don’t forget to include an itch cream. Monistat’s Complete Care Instant Relief Cream starts curing on contact. It’s #1 Doctor Recommended OTC yeast infection treatment.

Instagram: @TheDivaCup


Twitter: @TheDivaCup

Monistat Hashtag: #TimeForTMI

4. Skincare products

Being on an island sounds fun, but being stranded on one is not. You have to rely on your Girl Scout skills to survive. You have to go out and find resources to make be able to live. This is a lot of stress. Freeman Beauty has us covered though. Take a mask to take care of your skin during your stay. When you get saved and the camera crew is closing in on you, your skin will be glowing.

Instagram: @freemanbeauty


Twiter: @freemanbeauty

Links: Avocado/Oatmeal Clay Mask, Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask, Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask, Feeling Beautiful Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay and Freeman Beauty

Hashtag: #freemanbeauties

5. Safety button

This is for those ready to get rescued. Wearesafe is a personal safety button that connects you to friends and family and lets them know your location and how to help you. With a continuous audio stream, you will be able to let your loved ones know what is going on. You will be rescued in no time!

Instagram: @wearsafelabs


Twitter: @wearsafelabs

Hashtag: #WearsafeAdventure, #wearsafe

6. A good fragrance

A real life island won’t smell like those tropical air fresheners. It will have its various smells. This island will also not have a shower you can clean yourself in. What to do? Spray on a good perfume to be able to bare the various smells attacking you in the island. Juicy Couture’s I ♥ Juicy Couture is the perfect scent. It’s bold, sensual and intriguing. You will be smelling great when you get rescued.

Instagram: @JuicyCouture


Twitter: @JuicyCouture


7. Some simple make-up

Make-up seems like a ridiculous thing to include in your list, but if you look good, you feel good. So calling all make-up lovers, this is for you. Rimmel London has got us covered with their 24HR Supercurler Mascara for an eye-opening look to make you look awake despite those long, sleepless nights under the palm trees. You can even take this time to perfect your cateye with the Colour Precise Eyeliner! To complete the look, pop on The Only 1 Lipstick for some color.

Instagram: @RimmelLondonUS


Twitter: @RimmelLondonUS

8. Undergarments

Running around trying to start a fire will be easier if your girls weren’t all over the place. Show them some love with the Maidenform Love the Life Push up & In Satin Demi or Maidenform Love the Life Push Up & In Lace Demi bra. You will be ready to take on the island with these bras. But don't forget your tights! The L'eggs Sheer Energy Sheer Panty Medium Support is comfortable and ideal for the girl on the go. They feel like a massage all day. 

Instagram: @maidenform @leggsbrand

Maidenform Facebook, L'eggs Facebook

Twitter: @maidenform @leggsbrand

Hashtag: #MaidenformCampus #LeggUpOnStyle


Hopefully this helps you narrow down your three things you would take with you if you were stranded in an island. Be sure to pick from the basic necessities and luxuries to get the best out of your unfortunate situation.  

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