How To Start A Quick Fundraiser

Recently, my friends and I decided to start a fundraiser in a really short amount of time; a day to be exact.  

With the weather hitting extremes this week in Chicago, even colder than Antartica, literally, we felt so bad for those who didn't have warm homes to stay in. So, in one day, we decided we would try to raise as many funds as possible in a 24-hour span. 

These are the steps we took to raise $400 in a day for winter supplies for the homeless in Chicago. 

1. Start A GoFundMe

We started a GoFundMe page and wrote out a brief paragraph about our goal for this project. It is important to keep it short and sweet because people most likely will not read more than a short description. We found this to be the most effective. 

2. Use Social Media To Get The Word Out

We used our social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) to spread the word about what we were doing. After some donations started to come in, we immediately purchased a couple of things to show people that they were really making a difference. We posted pictures of the gloves, hats, jackets, and other items that we bought to give to the homeless; this encouraged even more people to donate!

3. Be Time Effective

After the 24 hours were up, we immediately used all the money for the winter supplies and took the items straight to the shelters.  

Hopefully, these tips help you make a difference in the world too.