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How To Pack For Spring Break In Just A Carry On

If you are leaving the United States for Spring Break, it can be very exciting, but the fact that you have to pack for a week worth of activities means it can be especially stressful to pack everything you need without paying a few extra dollars for checking in luggage.

Here are some of my tips to be able to fit everything you need for a week in just a carry-on and backpack/purse:

1. Roll your clothes.  

It makes the clothes compact enough to save space and also keep the clothes from wrinkling. 

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2. Pack the basics.

Use a capsule wardrobe to pack only the essentials. This is the one I went based off on, and it saved a lot of space by packing multipurpose items that can be paired with other items to create new outfits.

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3. Take only what you need.

The key word is “need,” and that doesn’t mean to pack your favorite pair of heels in case you do something fun on your break. You have probably packed, on your previous trips, things that have never even seen the light of day. This way you can use all that extra space to pack your other essentials without going over your airline weight limit.

4. Don’t forget to pack things that you are going to use often in a tote or backpack to save even more space in your carry on.

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I hope these tips help you pack lighter and keep you from going over the airline weight limit. Enjoy your Spring Break, collegiettes!

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