How Not To Spray Perfume

What I absolutely love about going to make-up or perfume shops are the free samples. They have the cutest small containers and I just love getting to try stuff on my face before actually buying it. This way, I know if it’s worth buying or not. Those samples last a while and once you’re done, you can just go get new ones. So really, you can last without buying the item at all, but just keep trying different brands and such. It’s perfect for someone like me who wears make-up probably a maximum of fifteen times a year.

Today, I went to the mall with my brother and a few of my cousins. We were trying the perfume on ourselves when my brother decided he found a good one and wanted to spray it on me. I usually don’t mind this because when we test perfumes in the store, we usually end up smelling too strong and almost sickly anyway. He went to go spray it on me and I guess he forgot which way the spray was facing and sprayed it right into my eye!

I’m not exaggerating when I say I saw the spray fly in my left eye. I saw it spray and I automatically closed my eyes and grabbed it. It didn’t really burn, but I began to freak out anyway since I had Lasik done about a month ago and was afraid something could’ve happened since I was still taking eye drops for the after-surgery effects.

My brother, in a panic, dragged me out of the store and upstairs to find a bathroom. It didn’t burn until a good twenty minutes later for some reason. But I stopped worrying about my eye and was angry instead. I think that actually made the pain easier to deal with since I wasn’t focusing on it. Overall, I think we all learned our lesson on how to properly spray perfume. I also developed an irrational fear of people spraying things into my eyes.