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The pandemic has definitely made it tough to envision the future and prioritize one’s goals. I can say that I often felt like I was losing sight of some of the things that are most important to me and my growth. But with the start of the new year, I knew that I needed a boost of inspiration to get me back on track. Creating a vision board was perfect way to find some hopefulness!

A vision board is essentially a visual representation of your goals, both short and long term. Through a combination of photos and quotes, the collage is a great visualization tool to clear your brain and reprioritize your life. Making a vision board especially helped me find intentionality in what I do and regularly remind myself of what inspires me the most. Try using the basic guide below to get started on your own!

Make a List of Your Goals

The most important step of the process is listing out your goals. Putting together the list will help make your priorities and current dreams much clearer. I recommend organizing your goal list into three categories: academic, professional, and personal. It’s important to find a balance in fulfilling the different parts of your life.

For example, academic goals can include maintaining good grades or staying on top of all your assignments. Professional goals can consist of securing an internship, getting a promotion, or working on interview skills. Personal goals can also vary, based on what self-improvement areas you are interested in, ranging from daily exercise and healthy eating habits to picking up a new hobby. This includes goals that truly represent who you are and what you want will make the vision board more meaningful for you!

Find Inspiration

A vision board can be thought of as a tool to manifest your dreams, so you want to fill it with images that are most inspiring for you. Using the list of goals you put together, search for pictures that best represent items you wrote down. I recommend using Pinterest or Instagram to find images your looking for. It can also be anything from a another source of media, like a magazine, that strikes inspiration for you can be a great addition to the board. I like to include motivational quotes along with the photo create a balance.

Assemble and Put it on Display

Once you have collected a set of images, you need to decide how you would like to put them together. Based on preference, your vision board can be assembled on a poster board, a wall in your room, or more easily, a digital collage. I have created a simpler one that I use as the wallpaper on my laptop, but I also have a small space above my desk where I hang inspiring photos. No matter the format, it’s important to display it somewhere that you will see frequently. You want to be able to regularly look to for an inspiring reminder!

Iqra is a sophomore majoring in Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching her favorite shows on Netflix, and trying new coffee shops. Iqra also loves getting involved in creative projects!
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