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I don’t know about you guys, but having sun-kissed skin makes me feel confident. But, sometimes it’s hard to get that tan, especially in the winter. Well, not to worry, because we have all been saved by the golden gods! In the beauty world, there is a plethora of products that can help achieve the perfect vacation tan–without the vactaion part. One of the best brands that cater self-tanning products is Bondi Sands. Not only do they have a wide shade selection, but also affordable prices! You can find Bondi Sands products at any convenience store. The shade I personally lean towards is dark because it accentuates my natural olive-colored skin, and helps make it more vibrant and glowy! Overall, if you have been interested in trying self-tanning but don’t know what brand to try, I highly recommend giving Bondi Sands a chance because I did and they definitely did not disappoint!

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