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Her Campus UIC’s Spring Break Must Haves!

The days of tanning, carefree mood, and pre-summer fun are vastly approaching on our calendars! To help with your travels, whether it’s some fabulous vacation spot or the comfort of your home, we got you covered with the must-haves of the weeklong class-free freedom. These are fabulous goodies that Her Campus UIC recently received in our Spring Survival Kit from our sponsors. With these must have items we are sure you’ll be ready for this Spring Break!

Chipotle BOGO Cards & Free Burrito Cards

There’s no better love relationship than a girl and a guacamole topped burrito. Wait…there is, make that burrito free and you got yourself an Instagram ready picture!

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Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner

The brand that brings us our hair needs is stepping it up by giving us some love with eco-friendly travel size shampoo and conditioners. Btw, the beautiful marriage of mint and raspberry smell will have you hooked. As an added bonus, the mint extracts help with stress.

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Mini Luna Bars

Positive snacking in a beach outing size! It’s a healthy food alternative that’ll keep you energetic all day long. Working towards that summer body without giving up the deliciousness of chocolate is always an advantage in our book.

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SABRE Personal Alarms

It’s a safety tool in a compact size with an LED light to attract bystanders’ attention if you feel uncomfortable in a public area. It has the sound volume that’s more advanced than a rock concert. A portion of the every purchase goes towards supporting RAINN, which stands for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

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o   Instagram: sabresafety

o   Hashtag: #SafeIsSmart

SABRE Pepper Gels

“Making grown men cry since 1975” The best slogan goes to…SABRE Pepper Gels! When traveling to college infested beaches and hotels, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And for your safety, we want our girls to be prepared. As your reading this you may be wondering why it’s in gel form. Trust me, I was questioning that too. But the benefits of this makes it secure to use indoors, has no effect on bystanders, and reduces wind blow back. Well SABRE might have thought of the Windy City on that last one. Party safely is the motto here ladies.

Simon & Shuster’s Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell

Gallery Books is a Simon & Schuster staple that publishes a wide variety of book genres to readers. One of which is a college read for the hours of sun tanning. Dirty Rush is goes into the sorority tale of Taylor Bell and her unique Greek experience that centers around a leaked sex tape.

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Completely Bare Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack

Not only is Completely Bare the most trusted name in hair removal, its safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting, and in a travel size for easy Spring Break packing.

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The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn

Another beach chair read, this book follows the life of an undercover hit man, John Lago. He was hired as an intern who has a real agenda to assassinate executives. For sure not your usually intern story. As an added incentive, it’s the same movie featuring Dave Franco that has been recently advertised!

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o   Author’s Twitter: @ShaneSKuhn

o   Hashtags: #internship; #internshandbook

Her Campus Koozies, Pens, Stickers, and Sunglasses!

Rock the Her Campus pink swag all day everyday! No other explanation or incentive needed.

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Her Campus UIC would like to thank Nationals at Her Campus and all of our lovely partners for all these wonderful goodies and swag! We are prepared to take on spring break in style with our amazing Spring Break Must Haves!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

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