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Her Campus: Her Story Asha Binbek

Name: Asha Jahan Binbek

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Nationality: African American

Major: Communications / Minor: Marketing and English

HC: How has your experience at UIC been thus far?

AB: My experience has been amazing! I’ve met so many great people, and I’ve learned so many things from my professors and peers.

HC: Being a part of the UIC community, what can you say you enjoy the most?

AB: I think I enjoy getting involved with other organizations! I am a member of the Muslim Student Association, I was in the Undergraduate Student Government I’m a tour guide, and I have coordinated events with Student Activities Board and Women’s Leadership and Resource Center. Getting involved is definitely the best because you meet so many great people. 

HC: What has been a memorable experience in your life?

AB: My most memorable experience was actually this past October. I flew to California to film an episode of Guys Grocery Games with two of my best friends: my mom and my older sister, Miriam. I was on TV and it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience! 

HC: Most memorable experience on campus?

AB: My most memorable experience was being in USG. It’s because of my involvement that I realized I had a passion for marketing and communications. 

HC: How has your culture impacted your adult life?

AB: Being Muslim and African American I have stared injustices in the face, but it is because I am who I am that I have met all the people I have met and have the desire to make a difference. It wasn’t until I came to UIC that I realized that.

HC: What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

AB: I love reading and writing and watching K-Drama (Korean drama) in my past time. Other than that I like to volunteer and get involved my community. It is an important part of who I am.

HC: What are your goals after college?

AB: After college, I hope to go to graduate school with a focus on Advertising, Marketing and Media Communications. If I don’t move to California, I will stay in Chicago and work in Advertising. 

HC: Tell us something you would recommend to other girls on campus?

AB: BE YOURSELF! Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, or something someone else wants to you be. Take it from a girl who spent two years of her college career trying be something she isn’t; it’s not worth it. No one is going to go to school for you, go to work for you, or be you, so wouldn’t it make sense to make your life one that you are proud of?

HC: Thank you for sitting down with me for this interview! It was so great getting to know you!

AB: No, thank you! I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of something like this!

Tikia Travis is a former writer for HERCampus UIC (2015-2017). Tikia majored in English with a concentration on Media, Rhetorical, and Cultural Studies. She also completed the Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and British Literature Concentrations. Tikia loves reading, writing, music, fashion, and FOOD (you can tell that from my picture, lol)!! School, Starbucks, Health and Fitness are my LIFE! She aspires to one day become a Published Author and Education Professional. In her spare time, she write creatively and professionally, and assists others with their essays/writing needs.
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