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I have always been into healthy and intuitive eating. As a child, I didn’t always eat the same things other children did, which I am really grateful for now. My mom would feed us edamame instead of popcorn on movie nights and going to a fast food restaurant was a treat when we went to the doctor. Since going off to college, and always being on the go, I have been searching endlessly to find a protein bar that fits my needs, and also one that doesn’t contain all of those processed ingredients.

After hearing about the brand, Garden of Life, and what they stand for, I was intrigued to learn more. These bars contain eight to ten ingredients and are made from whole organic foods, and are certified Gluten-Free. In the past, when I have looked for protein bars, I have felt that they tasted too sweet and have had a super sticky consistency. As I ate the Maple Sea Salt GoL protein bar, I feel as though, I finally found a bar that suits my needs. It contains chunks of different nuts, which gives the bar a nice crunch, but it also has a smooth, satisfying texture. The combination of the maple flavoring and pecans is like a burst of fall in every bite! I would highly recommend this bar to everyone I know!

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I am an over caffeinated third year student who is hoping to get into the nursing school! This is my first semester writing for Her Campus and am excited to have an amazing creative outlet!
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