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Have you ever wondered what in the world goes on inside a guy’s head? For example, why do they leave girls on “read?” What are their (actual) thoughts when they find someone checking out their date? Why do they ghost people after a while, and what are their biggest turn-offs? If you’ve ever pondered these juicy questions, you’re not alone. A YouTube video hosted by creators Maddie and Elijah is addressing all of your burning questions — including the ones girls are afraid to ask guys.

In this intimate Q&A, Maddie, Karla, Destiny, and Millie ask their boyfriends — Elijah, KB, Julius, and Spencer — the guys take turns answering questions from social media, along with a few that their girlfriends are too uncomfortable to ask. (Note: everyone listed is a couple, but apparently, Millie and Spencer are “just friends”).

What they revealed about dating, sex, and relationships might surprise you. So, here are the guys’ answers to questions girls are too afraid to ask.

Why do guys ghost?

Maddie J. asks Elijah W….

Elijah: “They’re afraid of just telling you ‘no they’re not interested,’ so they think just not saying anything at all would be easier.” Maddie: “No, that is even worse!” Elijah: “Right, right!”

Do guys view girls differently when they “do it” the first time they hangout?

Destiny and Karla ask their boyfriends, Julius and KB:

Julius: “Say if I met you at the club and you’re just like, ‘let’s go home’… then I’m like…” Destiny: “Then you’re not taking it seriously?” Julius: “Yeah.” Karla: “It would seem like she’s being desperate.” KB: “I probably wouldn’t take that girl as serious, it would take more time for me to say ‘okay, I’m serious with this girl.’”

What do you notice first about a girl?

Millie T. asks her friend, Spencer:

Spencer simply responds: “Eyes.” (He then goes onto a rant about how personality is important, too.)

Would you take a girl back if she cheated?

Destiny and Karla ask Julius and KB:

Julius: “NO. That’s disrespecting me and I’m really big on respect.” KB: “But, say you’re married and you got hella kids… it depends on your scenario and where you’re at in life.”

What are guys’ biggest turn-offs?

Maddie asks Elijah…

Elijah: “Probably when we are trying to leave or go somewhere and girls are just taking forever to get ready. Like, they have to do their hair and they’re like, ‘okay, I’m almost ready,’ then they’re getting dressed and they can’t figure out what they’re supposed to wear…” Maddie: “PROOF THAT GUYS DON’T HAVE ANY PATIENCE!”

Do you care if she’s shaved or not?

Millie T. asks Spencer…

(He uncomfortably laughs and looks away). Spencer: “Uhh, to an extent.” Millie: “So nothing too crazy?” Spencer: “Realistically, I’m not picky, but there’s a level… There’s being clean and there’s just… not.”

What do you think about going to the strip club?

Destiny and Karla ask Julius and KB.

Julius: “If you’re in a relationship and you go by yourself it isn’t cool.” Destiny: “How about with your girl if she brings it up to you?” Julius: “I support whatever you want to do, I’m behind you at all times.” KB: “Would I go by myself? Nah, ‘cause that’s just not okay… but, I know in some relationships people don’t care and might be cool with it, but us? Nah… There’s not a lot of good outcomes that can come from us going there, more bad things can happen than good in that situation.”

What is the best and worst thing about being a male?

Maddie asks her partner, Elijah…

Elijah: “The best thing about being a guy is you don’t have periods and you don’t have cramps.” (Maddie makes a face.) Maddie: “And you don’t have to give birth!!!!!!!!!” Elijah: “Yeah, that too, you don’t have to push anything out of you, so that’s awesome…” (Maddie laughs.) Elijah: “The worst thing about being a male is when you’re just, like, sitting in an office, you’re sitting in class, or you’re just literally chilling on the couch and you get a random—” Maddie cuts him off: “OH! We get it! Alright!” (She uncomfortably takes a sip of her drink). Elijah: “I never ask for it to happen, it just happens…” Maddie: “WHO WOULD YOU ASK? Like, ‘God, please give me a b*ner!!!?'” Elijah: “It’s such an awkward thing and I hate it so much.” Maddie: “I’m cringing!”

What makes a girl sexually attractive?

Mille asks her friend, Spencer:

Spencer: “Confidence.”

How do you feel walking around with your girl when she’s looking extra good and guys are staring?

Destiny and Karla ask Julius and KB:

Julius: “Me? I’m protective… so I would say something, I’ll be like, ‘bro… you never seen a girl? Like, what’s up, what’s the problem, do you wanna handle the problem, what you wanna do?'” (The girls laugh at his dramatic response). Destiny: “With that being said, do you prefer when your girl dresses more conservative? Like a granny?” Julius confirms: “Like a granny.” (The girls shout, “WHAT?!” as the boys chuckle maliciously). Julius: “I want her to feel comfortable in what she’s wearing but I also want her to respect me and make me feel comfortable… you want me to go outside with nothin’ on besides a–?” Destiny: “A sock!” Julius: “Ha-haaaaa!” (The women repeat the question to KB.) KB: “I’m just a calm person, so I care, but the whole day I’ll just be like, ‘let’s go home’ or some sh*t, I don’t want to deal with it.” Destiny and Karla: “What’s crazy, though, is that you can be dressed baggy and all that and dudes will still stare.” KB: “Yeah, dudes will always be doing sh*t like that; can’t really control it.”

Makeup or no makeup?

Maddie asks Elijah:

Elijah: “I don’t know, it’s really hard, it’s like two different versions of you. When you have your makeup on and you’re all dolled up it’s super cute ‘cause we can go out and have a nice date, it just makes it the date and adds to it.” Maddie: “I love myself both ways, but I usually prefer without makeup. On chill days, I just don’t… care enough.” Elijah: “Yeah, same.” (Maddie giggles, ‘same.’)

How can you tell when a guy is simply not interested?

Lastly, Millie asks Spencer:

Spencer: “I’d be a bit distant, you’d be able to tell. It would be very obvious if I wasn’t into it.” Millie: “The vibe in general tells a lot.”

During this Q&A, the guys revealed their true thoughts to Maddie, Karla, Destiny and Millie. We gained some insight on their perspective, which is helpful in understanding why men are the way they are. Cheers to transparency and healthy relationships.🥂✨

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