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Going Blonde? These Products Will Save Your Hair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

We’re right in the middle of Libra season. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras value beauty and aesthetics. If you’ve been considering adding a little ombre to your ends or maybe going platinum, now is the perfect time to do it. But before you drive right in, here’s everything you’ll need to nurse your mane back to health after bleach.

Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo for Color Treated Hair for $13.99

A no-frills simple shampoo, Nexxus will moisturize and protect your color. Can be used as often as you need.

Redken Genius Wash Cleansing Conditioner for Unruly Hair for $17.60

You will have to have a “cleansing” something or other in your routine because all these hair masks, oils, and heat protectants will absolutely leave build up in your hair. Since your goal will likely be to retain as much natural oil and moisture as possible, go with a cleansing conditioner instead of cleansing shampoo. Let this sit in your hair for five minutes after shampooing. 

AG Sterling Silver Mask for $26

This one’s self explanatory. Disclaimer though, most purple masks don’t lift all brassy tone in one go. Don’t wait until you’re orange. Use this as soon as possible and continue to use it once weekly. Do follow up with a moisturizing conditioner or mask as these can dry out your already frizzy ends.

Olaplex #3 for $28

You saw this one coming. For best results, use after the initial dye job to restore bonds. I usually depend on this the first three-to-four washes after having my hair done. Anything after than that may be a waste of money because it can only do so much to restore your hair. Depending on your exact hair type and condition, this could make your hair appear dry if not rinsed out well enough. This can be used once overnight per week or twice a week for 5 minutes in the shower before a cleansing conditioner.

Nexxus Vital 8-in-1Hair Masque for $3

This $3 purple packet is my holy grail. This mask smooths frizz and seals in moisture like nothing else. I could not say enough good things about this. Once weekly for 10 minutes will do.

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