Get A Little EXTRA Out Of Your Life

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¨Give extra, get extra¨ is the slogan that never fades. Extra Gum is known for its long lasting, sensational taste. They have nine unique flavors of gum, along with its chewy mints. Exhilarating Spearmint will send your taste buds on a journey through freshness. Peppermint is pure and undeniably crisp. The Polar Ice gum will bring a snowy sensation to your salivary glands. Winterfresh is also a blizzard of rejuvenation. Berry Burst is a concoction of strawberry and raspberry in a fruity, citrus cocktail. Allow your taste buds to burst with the savory Cinnamon spice. If none of these flavors pique your interest, you may also try Smooth Mint, classic Bubblegum, or a summer Watermelon.

Not only does Extra provide America’s go-to stick gum and chewy mints, but they have also come out with the latest look, in order to ¨reshape your refreshment.¨ Try the new and improved bite-sized cubes. They are convenient to pop into your mouth whenever you need a minty blast or fruity boost throughout your hectic day. Flavors include Spearmint, Polar Ice and Tropical Mist. Tropical Mist is a wild blend of pineapple and orange. No matter what your favorite flavor is, Extra Gum is the colorful splash of zest that you will soon crave!(Photo by Author)