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Garden of Life: Chewy, Sweet and Good For You

I am a HUGE fan of protein bars! I often find that I don’t have to eat the entire bar to keep me full until my next meal or snack. I was excited to try two protein bar flavors from Garden of Life: The Maple Sea Salt bar and the Chocolate Sea Salt bar. 


The first thing I noticed when unwrapping this bar was the texture. The bar felt moist at first touch. My first few bites, I found the protein bar very chewy. The ingredients list that there are ten cashews and 2 pecans, I liked the bar, but I wonder what it would have tasted like had it had more nuts in it. Nuts are a great source of protein!


From the two protein bars I tried, the Chocolate Sea Salt bar was definitely my favorite. I found the texture similarly moist like the Maple Sea Salt bar. However, I preferred the taste much more (this could also be due to the fact that I am a chocoholic). It truly tasted like a real chocolate bar but the ingredients were much healthier which made me feel a lot better about myself. I felt that it especially succeeded in its inclusion of dates. I’m not a huge fan of dates but could barely taste them when eating this bar. It took me two sittings to finish this bar but I definitely would recommend buying it. 

Overall, I recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy protein bar that does not sacrifice sweet flavor! 

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