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Game-Changing the Gel Manicure

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As someone who enjoys getting their nails done but doesn’t always have time to go to the salon, Dashing Diva’s Glaze Semi-Cured Press-On Gel Nail Strips are a game-changer to getting your nails done.

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Dashing Diva is a company based in South Korea that sells press on nails, gel nail strips, and glue on nails with a variety of designs. They do lots of collections with popular topics like the recent Disney X Pixar movie Turning Red and also do simple and complex designs.

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I came across these nail strips when I was on my weekly trip to Target, and I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about them at first. This wasn’t the first strip I tried that said they turned into gel nails with a LED lamp. I still decided to give them a chance because they had a lot of cute designs.

I grabbed one of their starter kits and tried it out when I got home that day. The starter kits come with nail strips, a cuticle pusher, a file, prep pads, and a LED light.

Note: You can get a free LED lamp when you place an order on your first set of press on nail strips on their website.

Their directions are pretty straightforward, so it was promising so far. Usually, when I put on press ons, I like to file the top of my nail beds a little to ensure that the glue sticks on my nails. It usually helps them last a little longer than they normally would.

It doesn’t seem like putting on the strips would be hard, but it is something you get the hang of after doing it a couple of times. The actual process of putting the strips and shaping them on my nails took me like 30-45 minutes. It might also be that I am a big perfectionist, so I kept pressing on them until I made sure they were to my liking.

Then came the moment of truth, curing them with the lamp. According to their directions, they are supposed to cure with the LED lamp in 45 seconds. When I gave them the first go, they didn’t seem to have cured all the way. After putting them under the lamp the second time, they seemed as if I had just gotten my nails done at the salon. They felt sturdy and seemed to have stuck on my nails pretty good.

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After using them for a couple of days, they hadn’t seemed to have been chipping or lifting from the side. The durability of the strips is something that caught my attention. As someone who is always doing things with her hands like cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning this was a huge win for me. It is something that my normal gel manicure can’t handle sometimes, and I’m glad my nails can last a little longer with these strips.

Overall, I recommend these gel strips if you don’t have much time to go and wait at the salon to get your nails done. They are pretty affordable and easy to do at home. Not to mention they have a lot of really cute designs that would often cost you a lot to get done at a salon. As a college student who probably can’t splurge that much on nail designs, this is a quick fix and solution.

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