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Fun Friendsgiving Ideas

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that everyone is home for the holidays! Friends you haven’t seen since the semester started around three months ago will be in town again. A great way to reunite with friends is to host a Friendsgiving! Friendsgiving is a great way to catch up and reflect on your year. Here are some ideas for hosting a memorable Friendsgiving!

See a Movie 

There’s nothing more relaxing than seeing a movie with your best buds. Host a night in and watch a classic favorite or go to a theater and catch something new, like Frozen II!

Play Games

Get everyone involved with some friendly competition. Pull out the giant Jenga or Cards Against Humanity and just start playing. It’s a great way to get lost in a conversation and, if you’re like my friends and me, you’ll forget to finish the game!

Bake (Or Cook)!

Friendsgiving is a great way to show off (or practice) your baking or cooking skills! See who can make the tastiest meal or treats. The best part is that, in true Thanksgiving fashion, you get to enjoy great food with the people you love. 


Spread the holiday spirit during the season of giving and volunteer with your friends. Feed My Starving Children is always open to everyone as the organization helps to pack food for starving children in third world countries. Scope out local food drives or help out at a soup kitchen. Everyone can use some extra help during the holidays. 

Eat at a Restaurant

The holiday season is a great excuse to get dolled up. Why not check out a restaurant and treat your friends and yourself to a fancy meal!

Have a Potluck

If you want to keep it classic, a potluck is a great way to celebrate Friendsgiving! Everyone brings in something to eat and conversation will be held while bellies get full!

Regardless of what you do for Friendsgiving, remember to enjoy the presence of your loved ones while making long-lasting memories! Happy Holidays everyone!

Aggie is an English major with a concentration in professional writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
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