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Fashion Guide 101: Fashion Week

It’s here! It’s here!… Actually, it’s almost over, but Fashion week 2012 is what has me on a fashion craze! Thursday, September 6th kicked off one of Chicago’s craziest fashion days of the year! If you are unaware of “Fashion Night Out” then you need to do some serious retail therapy! For all of you who unfortunately do not know, shame on you ;) but I’ll happily give you the low down. Basically, Michigan Ave and State Street is where it is at. Stores all along these wonderful iconic streets of Chicago introduce their newest collections for Fall and Winter seasons! Stores such as Akria, Marc Jacobs, UGG Australia, Bloomingdales, Top Shop, and much much more gave away wonderful freebies and awesome hors’ devours to celebrate this night! I mean who wouldn’t want a free Marc Jacobs T-shirt or a free manicure from TopShop? Please tell me some of you are as thrilled as I am! This year was the first year where I got to experience “Fashion Night Out” up close and personal at UGG Australia and let me tell you it was one for the books!

Now onto my fashion styles for the week! While watching all the New York fashion sneak peeks a lot of bright colors are in store for another season. Check out the picture of the adorable neon green wedges from MM6! Here’s a little tip for the future spring season, printed graphics on t-shirts are going to be a huge sensation! In my opinion they kind of look a little funny to me but what’s in is what’s in! Keep with the peplums and belt a lot of your outfits! You can find adorable belts for super cheap at Forever 21! Just a tip, Forever 21 is now making a majority of their belts for your waist, so make sure you try on the belt before! I’ll talk more about peplums in my later columns because they make the biggest difference to any outfit!

Here’s my tip for the week: If you have heard good things about the Kardashian Kollection you may want to think twice about that! Their sunglasses are great but the Kardashian Kollection was recently voted top ten of the worst celebrity lines available. This is something that a fashionista definitely needs to check out!

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