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Eat the Trend: Chicago’s Thai Ice Cream Rolls

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Ice cream is good in any form, but ice cream rolls are the new popular trend. This new treat is almost everywhere now. The process involves mixing together the ice cream with different fruits. It is then smoothed out flatly and then pushed to form the rolls. Toppings and whipped cream can be added to make for a great treat and picture.

Legend Tasty House

This location, in Chicago’s Chinatown, offers the rolled ice cream for $5.83. Popular flavors include the Strawberry Lady, Oreo’s Secret and Green Tea Strawberry. The toppings are included, and additional toppings will cost an extra $0.50 cents. 

(Pictured: Strawberry Lady from Legend Tasty House)


This parlor in Chinatown offers the ice cream rolls for $5.50 before tax. You can customize the rolls with your choice of three toppings and a syrup. Some of the interesting toppings include pop rocks and fortune cookies. The staff there are very friendly. If you are not craving Thai ice cream rolls, Ice Max has other options like milkshakes and crepes. If you are in Chicago, I would recommend dessert at Ice Max. The flavor of the ice cream is better, and the toppings are more unique.

(Pictured: First Love with blueberries, chocolate chips, an Oreo cookie, and whipped cream at IceMax)

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