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Earthquake Strikes Mexico

The world shook. It jolted, it jerked, and it tossed the beautiful Mexico City down to rubbles. An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 brought this ancient city to its knees, with casualties in the thousands and countless more injured. The early morning of September 19th, 1985 marks a day where the world seemed to tumble down for millions of people, and on the 32nd anniversary, September 19th, 2017, it all happened again.

The world shook. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 strikes Mexico City, shaking the streets and buildings for the eternity of 20 seconds. Buildings crash and tumble, broken pipes and fallen rubble cause fires throughout one of the most populated cities in the world, it’s like being back in time.

A couple days after the earthquake Mexico stands together trying to aid everyone affected by this horrific incident. Thousands upon thousands of Mexican people unite to rescue trapped victims in the over 40 buildings that collapsed. With shovels and buckets and ginormous hearts rescuers and common people rescued over 69 people trapped under the rubble. Famous rescue dog, Frida, was able to sniff out more than 30 people, becoming an international sensation and a symbol for the spirit of the Mexican people. Rescue teams from all over the world arrived soon after the earthquake, countries such as Japan and Israel teaming up with the people of Mexico in their time of need, here to say that they’re not alone.

During these times of disaster and destruction the world seems so cold, so unfair, even cruel. But Mexico City is an example of raising from the dust, falling down and having the strength to get back up again. The people of Mexico demonstrated the love and the pride that they feel for their country, they showed the kind of people that care for others, have compassion, and make a difference. Through the next few weeks or months Mexico will be recovering, and the hearts of the world and this very author stand with them.

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