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Donate to Support Prom 2012


On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy your high school Prom?
Most ladies tend to say that they had a blast with their date, or even just with their friends! It is usually the last time that high-schoolers can get together with all of their friends, cut loose, and dance the night away! The only problem is that sometimes all of the accessories and details involving this fabulous night can get quite expensive.
As you probably know, the economy is not in the best of places right now, which is leaving many parents tight for money, or even unemployed. This means that many teens are not able to go to the prom because they simply cannot afford it.
Now, here is where you can make a difference! Monday, March 12, is the last day that you can donate a new or used formal dress, or make a monetary donation towards the rental of a tuxedo, to help a high school student somewhere to go their Prom.
Go to UIC College Prep, 1231 South Damen Avenue, or call Margie Villarreal at 312-996-2254, and Gibel Buena at 312-768-4858.
Be the life-changing difference in a teenager’s life today! Stop by and donate dresses that you don’t wear anymore! Or even make a small donation to help a male student afford his rented tuxedo. Anything you can do helps!

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