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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

Dear Depression,

I will admit, dealing with you through much of high school made me into the person I am today. I wanted to tell you: while you have negative stigma around you, I’d like to thank you. While you made me go through negative feelings, I really have become a stronger and better person getting out of your wrath. I was able to understand who the real people in my life were; the ones that wanted to help me get through, the ones that were patient with me. I also started to learn the importance of empathy, so I want to thank you for helping me become a more empathetic person. You helped me become more understanding and patient with others as well. Thank you. 

Another thing, thank you for expanding my interest in a subject that I was already interested in: the brain. After recovering from you, I couldn’t help but also be interested in how the brain and mind morph to let depression do its thing. 

Now that I am in university, I hope that I do not have to go through these times again. But I will say: I am ready to face you head on if you ever come again. I am also more than prepared to help a friend going through you too. Watch out, you created strength in individuals that have had to deal with you, so if you decide to come again, we will all face you head on. You cannot control us, and we will not let you do so. 



UIC Contributor.