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Connor MacKenzie Sullivan

Name: Connor MacKenzie Sullivan

Age: 20

Year in School: Junior

Major: Studio Arts

Astrology Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Color: Green

Interests: Making art, Soccer, thrifting, shooting/editing videos, finding new music (its like eating candy), rollerblading, camping, random adventures

What you look for in a significant other: Someone who has something to say, you know can hold a conversation and is genuinely interesting, someone who can make me laugh, Someone who likes that i enjoy making art, someone who is carefree, honest and finally someone who isn’t jealous and can handle the fact that i have a lot of close friends that happen to be women.

The Perfect Date: Perfect date would maybe be dinner at a nice restaurant downtown, and then maybe a walk around lincoln park just talking and enjoying the others company… and hopefully one of us does something super embarrassing, but it’s the kind of thing that ends up being really cute and makes you a little bit closer, ya know?

Turn-offs: Jealousy(its so ugly), when you’re hanging out and the other person is CONSTANTLY texting, … that’s about it… i don’t get bugged very easily.

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