Conair's Makeup Application of the Future

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Welcome to make-up application of the future! 

Conair’s NEW True Glow Glam vibrating beauty blender is innovative, convenient, and relaxing. As a disclaimer, I am a person who does not wear a lot of makeup unless it is for a special event. Gotta glow up for the weekends!

On a normal day, I wear mascara and concealer (to hide the fact that I’m running on 3 hours of sleep). 

At the start, I was a bit skeptical of Conair’s new product as I have used every product for makeup application from brushes to original makeup sponges. I didn’t think that a vibrating beauty blender would make much of a difference compared to my traditional makeup application routine.


Since I wear minimal makeup, I tried this out on my concealer application every day for a week. I honestly noticed a radical difference. With normal application of makeup using a standard beauty blender, it requires a manual, continuous pat on your skin to help the product absorb into the skin. With the vibrations, it almost automatically pressed the concealer into my skin in a matter of seconds. I spent almost no time attempting to blend in product. It cut my makeup routine in half and was way more convenient than traditional tools for makeup. I cannot wait to use this product for a more full faced application and see how much time I save on the typically lengthy process.

This product is roughly $15 (which is $5 less than the Beauty Blender) and can be found at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

Also, with its continuous vibration, it is almost like a massage for your face! And who doesn't want that? #Treatyoself, am I right?