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A Comprehensive Guide To The World Of Anal Sex

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

So you’re here because you have finally met someone that you care enough about to let them use the back door instead of the front, but you have questions and concerns. Hopefully, in the next ten minutes, I can answer them all.

Anal, unlike traditional sex, is not something that can happen in the spur of the moment. It takes about a day in advance to prepare, starting right from the moment you wake up.

Step 1: Eating light

One of the most important aspects of having a successful anal adventure is eating light throughout the day. My personal preference for this is a spinach salad with beans, corn, flax seeds, as well as chia seeds and no dressing. This salad allows the body to still gain the vitamins and nutrients it needs, as well as adding a little extra fiber to your diet, in order to clear you out. This should for sure be breakfast as well as lunch. Light snacking is allowed, but absolutely nothing with dairy as this will lead to bowel inflammation which is the last thing we need for anal. In addition to this, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day as this will also help clear out any toxins from your body. You should stop eating about three hours before you plan to partake in anal sex, this gives your body enough time to process any food that might be left over and clear it out.

Step 2: Cleaning Out The Rectal Cavity

The most common way of doing this is by using an anal douche, which can be found at most adult sex stores, for anywhere between $8 and $20. You simply fill the douche with distilled water and insert it, squeezing all the water into your rectal cavity, you should do this until the water that comes out of your system runs clear. If your financial situation is such that you cannot afford a proper douche, there are a couple alternatives. One is using a turkey baster, an item most homes have. Another option is a plastic water bottle, with the water bottle option, make sure to change the water each time before you flush out your rectal cavity. This will ensure a cleaner environment, as you will have to insert and remove it several times. These options work just as well and are often cheaper than the average douche.

Step 3: Loosen Yourself Up

Your first time doing anal is probably going to be painful, I won’t lie to you. One mistake I made my first time was not warming myself up. Warming yourself up is simply the act of stretching your sphincter with your fingers. To do this, first, apply lube to both your hole and your fingers. Then, slowly insert one finger in at a time; the goal is to at least fit three. Once all three fingers are in, make sure to move them around, spreading and exploring that part of your body. If there are any questions about lube, any oil-based lubricant will work fine.

Now you’re ready for the bedroom. You might think we’re done and you’re ready to graduate, but sadly, there are still a few more steps to take before enjoying anal properly.

Step 4: Foreplay and Insertion

Once the situation moves to the bedroom, your sexual partner should do a few things before the show gets going. One of the first things they should do, as the time approaches, is finger you once again with lube, using the same motion of spreading and exploring you did before.   

Step 4: Part 2

After your partner has finished warming you up, it is finally time for insertion. Make sure to apply lube once again to both your hole as well the penis, or penile like device, and slowly but surely insert that object. While this is happening, make sure to stay relaxed and don’t panic as this will lead to a tensing of muscles and an overall painful experience.

Step 5: Recovery

After enjoying your first experience with anal, and should you choose to partake in it again, make sure to follow normal post-sex clean up. In the days after, make sure to monitor anything weird such as dark blood in your stool as this is a sign of something more serious and should be reported to a medical professional immediately. On a lighter note, have fun and don’t be afraid to explore in the bedroom.

Hi, welcome to my page everybody my name is Josh and I am currently a Freshman at UIC. If you're here get ready for a good time Peace and love, Josh