Christmas Gifts 2000s Kids Wished For

One of my favorite childhood memories was looking through toy catalogs and making my Christmas wish list after eating Thanksgiving dinner. From dolls to games, here are some of the toys that will remind you of the early 2000s!

Razor Scooter

I still own my first razor scooter and love pulling it out every summer. It definitely shows it's age but it’s still as fun to use as it was about 15 years ago. 

Bratz Dolls

I was always annoyed that Bratz dolls did not have feet.


For the longest time, I didn’t know what Furbies were called, so I would tell all my friends I had toy owls at home. 

Nintendo DS

My favorite part about the DS was the chat room. Before my neighbors and I had phones, we would go into the chat room to “text” each other. 

ZhuZhu Pets

My parents used to call ZhuZhu pets “mouse toys.” I had so many tunnels and playsets for them that they took up my entire living room. 

Guitar Hero

This game made me think I could actually play an electric guitar and be a rock star one day. 

Robotic Dog

When I was younger, I got several robotic dogs, but honestly, never played with them much. I think it was my parents' way of trying to make me forget about wanting a real dog.