The Christkindlmarket Boot Mug is Back!

Even though the annual holiday market doesn't open until later this month, todays attendees got a preview, and the boot mugs are back!

Who cares about boot mugs? I do, and let me tell you why. The Christkindlmarket has been producing keepsake mugs since 1996. Every year, the design changes but the iconic boot mug was always a fan favorite. My earliest memory of a visit to the magical Christkindlmarket is of me holding a blue boot mug filled with delicious hot chocolate! Fun fact, I actually immediately dropped the mug, broke it, then I cried. But let's not focus on that, I mean I was only 8 and I really wanted some hot chocolate!The boot design was briefly retired in 2013 but made a quick reappearance in 2015 as part of the market’s celebration of its 20th year.  

This year, the boot is finally back after four years! Each of the three boot mugs represents the market's three locations in Daley Plaza, Wrigleyville and Milwaukee. The mug’s interiors are also painted red, black and yellow—the colors of the German flag in order to highlight the market's roots!

If you can’t tell, I get pumped every year for the Christkindlmarket. You can catch me on November 15th in the Daley Plaza location drinking hot chocolate out of my boot mug! (Hopefully, I don’t drop it this time!)