Chicago: Home Of The World's LARGEST Starbucks

Sip your favorite roastery creation at the world’s largest Starbucks. Located in downtown Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, this Reserve Roastery will allow you to “immerse yourself in the art, science and theater of coffee," as the baristas insist. Top View Photo of Coffee Near CookiesFive stories high, each level of this chic, modern structure has something unique to offer. Entering the first floor, you will be immersed with the scent of handcrafted and slow roasted coffee beans. Watch these coffee beans travel through the heart of the room, through the clear and champagne-colored tubes, transporting the most valuable material through each level of this grand Starbucks. Gold, copper, and mahogany wood decorate the swirling staircase with polished, wooden seating, and delicate light fixtures. Try Starbucks’s covet coffee and teas, constructed to exact perfection. This is known as the Reserve Coffee Bar. Image result for world largest starbucks chicago first floor

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Take the escalator to the second level, following the sweet aroma of baked goods. The Princi Bakery & Café is located here, with a diverse selection of treats - both sweet and savory! This Italian bakery offers everything from specialty pizzas and Caprese Paninis to a Hazelnut Cornetto pastry. Indulge in cinnamon rolls as warm as the friendly service. Bacon & Rosemart

Ready to experience the moment we have all been waiting for? Held at the third level of this stylish structure is the Experimental Coffee Bar. Brewed with only the best, Starbucks uses the most exquisite tools to prepare your masterpiece, including the Siphon Flight, Cold Brew Flight, Chemex Brewed Coffee for two, and the Origin Flight, composed with the Clover Brewer. These special instruments prepare your drink to be crisp, smooth, and precise. The menu consists of Espresso Classics, like the Dark Chocolate Mocha; Roastery Creations, such as the Shakerato Bianco; and much more, including Today’s Starbucks Reserve Coffees, with the Pantheon Blend Vintage 2019 being one of the most popular. What makes this Starbucks location most specifically desirable is their signature Coffee with Nitro Gelato. Blending your drink with a sweet cream Italian gelato will twist your average coffee into an ultra-thick, malted milkshake. Add a chocolate truffle on the side to pair your flavors with an enhancing bliss. 

Sitting by the crackling fireplace, enjoy your flavorful coffee in a matte-black mug, atop of a mocha-colored, cherry wood tray. Allow the aesthetic, city view to fill your mind with inspiration. The third floor will surely conquer your coffee crave, but maybe you came to the Reserve Roastery for something new…

Explore the fourth level Arriviamo Cocktail Bar for barrel-aged beverages, signature & classic cocktails, and roastery-inspired gifts. The Pour-Over Bijou, found under Chicago-Exclusive Cocktails, is seamlessly herbaceous and earthy, blended with Starbucks Reserve Coffee, Nikka Coffey Gin, Carpano Bianco Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, and Liqueur Strega. If you are looking for Aperitivi, the Aperol Spritz will call your name, infused with Aperol, Villa Marcello Prosecco, Sparkling Water, and an orange slice. Fruity, wondrous flavors will satisfy your taste buds as they melt together in harmony. cocktail glass filled with brown beverage

Seasonally, the fifth floor Roof Terrace is open to adore Michigan Avenue’s views in the comfort of the cool breeze. Admire the golden sun drift into Chicago’s architecture, while sipping something that will make you say, “aaahh…”.Grey Concrete Buildings