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Campus Celeb: Michael Charles Saubert Jr!

Talent obvioulsy roams the sidewalks of UIC, read all about this talented and busy theatre major! 

HC UIC: Major? Year in School? Plans after college?
MS: I’m a BFA in Theatre Performance and I’m a senior this year. Once I graduate I’m going to New York with some of my classmates to see a variety of plays and do a lot of networking. In about two years I hope to move to LA!

HC UIC: At what age did you first get in to acting? How?
MS: When I was 10 years old, my house had burnt down so my family and I had to move to a different house. With all of this happening, it sparked my mom to keep us all really active. She brought us to a center for the arts and Nutcracker was the play that was casting for non-dancing party boys. I auditioned and ended up getting the part of Clara’s little brother, Fritz. Ever since then, I realized that this opportunity sparked a form of creativity and expression that I was lacking in my life. It was my first passion.

HC UIC: What would be your dream job?
MS: My own sketch comedy show. I’m really big into the Chicago Improv scene. I’m actually the President of UIC’s Improv Club called Red Light District. I’d want to be the writer, director, and actor of the show. I love every aspect of production (set, lighting, content, etc.)

HC UIC: Upcoming show/event we can see you in?
MS: I’m in the first fall play of the season called Cloud 9 which opens October 5th and runs through October 14th! I’m playing a woman named Betty in the first act and then a gay man dealing with identity issues in the second act. (Everyone should come out and support!)

HC UIC: Advice for aspiring actors/actresses?
MS: Immerse yourself in everything that you do. Love every second of it to. If you don’t love what you’re doing, there’s no reason you should be doing it. Train yourself to be disciplined because talent will only get you so far.

HC UIC: Who would you love to be in a movie/play/tv show/etc. with?
MS: Anthony Hopkins. He’s an academy award winner with only having 8 minutes of screen time. That’s insane!

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