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Campus Celeb: DJ KA$H!

We all know UICs greatest welcome-back event is Spark in the Park, well this year a lucky UIC student had the opportunity to open up for great musicians such as Kids These Days, Santigold, and Childish Gambino.

But who was this opening act, you ask? Chosen by popular demand, UICs fabulous Karan Thukkar aka DJ KA$H was the lucky man. Read on to know about this week’sCampus Celeb and alllll about Courtney Canino’s biggest crush.

HC UIC: Thanks for meeting with us Karan! Tell us a bit about yourself, what year are you?
DJ KA$H: I’m a senior in college this year and I’m majoring in nueroscience.

HC UIC: Great! What are your plans after college? Will you continue with Djing or is just a hobby?
DJ KA$H: My plan is to take a year off from college and then continue on to medical school. I definitely want to continue with Djing in my future. I’d like to always keep it as a side job and go in to the production side of the work. It would be cool to produce hiphop instrumentals to make a beat and then sell it to artists.  

HC UIC: So how did you first get in to the music business and at what age? What made you come up with the name DJ KA$H?
DJ KA$H: My brother was the one that got me in to Djing. I was 13 years old when I first started and I was doing it for free for a while to get myself out there. Well hip hop is all about the money. Rappers are always talking about the glamour and money. Personally I’m not about the money so for me it’s similar to a paradox with having the name KA$H. I switched the C to a K because my name starts with a K.

HC UIC: How does it feel to be the one that was chosen to open for Santigold and Childish Gambino?
DJ KA$H: I’m pretty nervous but confident as well. It’s really exciting to be chosen and I’m looking forward to it a lot.

HC UIC: Have you worked with anyone else that’s big or another famous group before? How was that experience?
DJ KA$H: I’ve gotten shout outs from B.O.B. And Trick Daddy. I’ve also opened for Jay Sean New Years Even 2010. Those were great experiences.

HC UIC: What would you consider your genre of music?
DJ KA$H: I would say it’s a lot of hip hop and a little bit of dup step mixed in. I’m not really into the house music scene.

HC UIC: Where do you normally play your music?
DJ KA$H: I like to DJ at bars in the South Lloop and I do private events as well. I have also done charity events for free. Anywhere I can get my music I like to go.

HC UIC: Where can you check out some of your mixes? How do you promote yourself?
DJ KA$H: I have free downloads at the website soundcloud.com/DJKashonline. I promote mainly by word of mouth. I like to tell all of my friends to tell their friends and it goes on. I don’t have any business cards because I believe word of mouth is the best way. I also have a facebook fan page that I tell people to check out.

There you have it, ladies and gents! HC’s first Campus Celeb of the year is not only brains, but he’s also talent. 


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