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Bored? Try This Fun Thrifting Idea With Your Friends!

While being on a budget as a college student, anything that is fun and cheap is definitely the way to go. This past week, one of my best friends and I came up with an idea.  

We were in the mood to shop, but let’s just say our wallets weren’t. So, we decided to go to the thrift store and pick some outfits out for each other that were under $10. We would ask all of our friends who had a better outfit, as a sort of game. We both picked a theme that was fall inspired, fitting the season. Another rule was to make sure it was out of the other person’s comfort zone, as we both wanted to venture out a bit. Finally, the last rule was that we had to wear our outfits to class the next day.

There are so many thrift shops in Chicago, you could change it up whenever you want to go again. It is super easy to take the train to the shops.

 In the end, it was super fun and we weren’t broke afterward. We are already planning our next trip with more friends!

Joy is an undergraduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing Nursing, with an end goal of becoming a CRNA. She loves spicy chips, R&B, and the summer time. She likes being artistic and expressing her creativity through painting, drawing, and makeup during her free time. You can find her doing homework listening to some Frank Ocean on most days.
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