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Blair Andrew Charleston ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.
Basic Info:

Name: Blair Andrew Charleston 

Year: Senior

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Criminology 

Birthday: August 23, 1993

Heritage: African American

Campus Life:

Local or Commuter? Commuter 


Are you involved in anything on campus?No, but I have my own fashion blog called The CUF.


What is your favorite thing about UIC?

How diverse the student population is.

What’s your least favorite thing about UIC? 

How segregated the student body is and has been since I have been enrolled at UIC. 

Favorite restaurant near campus?

Near campus would be Lucky’s

Plans after graduation? 

Continuing to work and build my brand up to the point where I can begin to design and manufacture men’s ties, shirts, and suits. 

Aspirations in life?

I want to open a few boutiques around Chicago and once those are established, open more in other majorly known cities that deal with fashion on a high scale.  
Fun Facts:

You’re involved with CUF, What is CUF?

CUF is a Chicago based fashion blog that promotes up and coming fashion designers, while also focusing on street fashion that my partners and I come across on day to day basis. We enjoy and want to show what Chicago has to offer when it comes to fashion. Since there are no heavily known Chicago fashion blogs, we would like to be one of the first to emerge from the city and let other cities view Chicago and it’s fashion scene. 

What’s you favorite thing to do not involving UIC?

I can’t pick one, but it would probably be experiencing new cities and states. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Running my own business and/or businesses while traveling cities continuing to expand my business and blog. We also have a new blog that will release in later years once we’ve reached more people overseas. 

Favorite quote?

I have a couple: 
“Good clothes open all doors” – Thomas Fuller 1705
“The opposite of happiness is not sadness. It is boredom. Excitement is the most practical synonym for happiness, and it is what you should strive to achieve. Therefore, the question you should be asking yourself is not “what are my goals” but “What would excite me?”” – Timothy Ferris 

Favorite place to hang out downtown?

The lakefront during the summer 
Love Life:

Single or taken?


Celebrity Crush?

Nia Long/Nicki Minaj 
What would be your perfect date?
Lol I have a lot of “perfect dates” planned but my first would probably be to fly out to Thailand and attend the floating theatre they have off the island of Kudo Noi followed by scuba diving and a sunset dinner off the beach.

What do you look for in women?

A woman who has something going for herself future wise. Has to enjoy a variety of music and also enjoys trying new activities and foods. I can’t be with a woman who’s somewhat of a pushover, so a strong minded and willed woman. Definitely one with an eloquent sense of style, and one who could continue to teach and show me new things.
If you would like to know more about Blair’s business The Cuf check out his Tumblr page and website.
Tikia Travis is a former writer for HERCampus UIC (2015-2017). Tikia majored in English with a concentration on Media, Rhetorical, and Cultural Studies. She also completed the Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and British Literature Concentrations. Tikia loves reading, writing, music, fashion, and FOOD (you can tell that from my picture, lol)!! School, Starbucks, Health and Fitness are my LIFE! She aspires to one day become a Published Author and Education Professional. In her spare time, she write creatively and professionally, and assists others with their essays/writing needs.
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