Best Ways to Navigate Around the City of Chicago

Living in a big city like Chicago, I know how difficult it can be to navigate through it with just a car. If it's your first time heading to a large city, avoid taking a car to bigger areas in the city. Here are the best ways to navigate through Chicago and other main cities:

The "L"

The train has hundreds of thousands of riders a day. Take public transportation to get to the middle of downtown and other areas as well. Not only is it quick and efficient, but it is also cheap. You can purchase a ticket for no more than $2.50! Not only is this important in Chicago, but taking the subway or any other train systems are one of the best ways to get to different places quickly.

The CTA Bus

Buses are going to be your best friends when you're in the middle of downtown. Forget using other expensive modes of transportation like taxis. Just like the train, the buses can go long distances for no more than $2.50 as well. Not only this, but students and small children get reduced fares too. You could also download a bus tracking app, or text the specified stop location number to 414-11 using the word CTABUS followed by the number, that provides you with exact times when your bus will arrive.

Rent a Bike

Chicago has over 600 bike stations (DIVVY) stationed across the city! You could easily rent a bike using your credit card for no more than $3! Chicago has bike lanes all over downtown that allow bikers to safely cruise through downtown and then return the bikes to one of the many bike stations that span across downtown Chicago.