Beat Your Back-To-School Nerves With These Tips!

I always dread going back to school after an extended break. Thinking about all the work ahead of me makes me super stressed. That’s why every semester, I spend the first week of classes to prepare myself for the semester. Here are three tips that help me set up for a successful semester.

Create A Schedule

As I receive my syllabuses, I make sure to spend time and go through each of them and mark down all my major assignments, like exams and essays. Seeing all my assignments allows me to see what weeks are going to be stressful and which weeks I should use to work ahead on homework. Creating a schedule also helps me determine whether or not I should drop any of my classes.  


If you’re like me, your sleep schedule probably gets really messed up while on break. I always have a hard time adjusting to a school-friendly sleep schedule. The first week of school, I try to regulate my sleep schedule. Moreover, I take advantage of the fact that I’m not pummeled with assignments yet and try to get as much sleep as possible.

Take Time to Relax

During syllabus week, I try to take some time to relax by taking advantage of various on-campus opportunities such as back-to-school events. It’s also a great time to reach out to or visit a former instructor or catch up with your friends who you likely hadn’t seen since December.

Nerves are normal, but there are plenty of ways to combat them. Here’s to a wonderful Spring semester, Summer is only a few months away!