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Battle of the Sexes: Movie Review

Fox Searchlight Pictures invited Her Campus UIC to an exclusive, advance movie screening of the Battle of the Sexes, starring Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs. Naturally, we decided to attend on a Tuesday night, after our chapter’s first meeting of the semester, and see what this is all about. Because who isn’t curious about the movie title, and a perfect way to escape the academic workload for a few hours.

My movie ticket to an advanced screening of the Battle of the Sexes; courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

The movie is about two hours long, it will be out in a Chicago theater near you on Friday, September 22nd – save the date Chicagoans, but I highly recommend this movie because of the message behind it – the fight for gender equality, advocate for the LGBT community, female empowerment, how you can do anything you put your mind to, and never let anyone tell you differently.

Entry to an unforgettable night at Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Chicago

Gender inequality and misogyny existed during Billie Jean King’s era and still to this day; despite all the criticism and discouraging messages and personal battles she faced, Billie, the tennis legend never gave up her dreams and aspirations. She did the unthinkable – commentators on national television were judging her performance and predicted that she would not rise in victory, and she proved them wrong through perseverance and dedication in perfecting her talent and sport. It was uplifting to see how she experienced misogyny and figuring out her sexuality, and she dealt with it like a true heroine; it was truly an inspiring two hours.

Watch the trailer, and be sure to go check it out for yourself tomorrow at a theater near you; I know I will be going again for an extra dose of empowerment!


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