Bad Bunny’s New Album is Here to Make You Miss Your Ex and Dance

Bad Bunny delivered the goods again on February 29th when he released YHLQMDLG, (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana, or I do Whatever I Want) a 20-track album with hit after hit. The long awaited album mashes a combination of sounds such as old school reggaeton and new Latin trap. Here we will take a look at how each song is “fire” in its own way.

“Si Veo a Tu Mama”- This opening and background riff of this song sounds like a video game and gives the song the playful feeling it has to it. The lyrics also hit home for many people as Bad Bunny sings that he is going out drinking with his friends and promised he wouldn’t talk about the girl he’s no longer with but welp, he does. He also says that if he sees the mother of his ex, he will ask her how the ex is doing to see if she’s found someone who makes her happy. Overall the song is catchy and while the subject matter concerns itself with that “sadboi” mood, listeners definitely turn up to it as seen in the accompanying music video. 

“La Dificil”- This song will definitely make listeners sway and dance as it has a lot of bass. In this one, Bad Bunny sings about a girl that men and women find attractive but she pays no mind to anyone. In the music video, Bad Bunny features a single mom who catches everyone’s attention except Bad Bunny’s.

“Pero Ya No”- This song is amazing and also just makes listeners want to dance while pining over their ex. In this song, Bad Bunny essentially sings about a lover who he used to love and who he is trying to get over, claiming he’s not a pokemon she can catch anymore. It’s a fun song and again features those “sadboi” lyrics everyone likes. 

“La Santa”- Bad Bunny takes us back with this track as he features the OG Daddy Yankee. The two sing/rap about a woman who acts way too righteous and who wants to change them even if she is no saint. It would seem that Bad Bunny once loved a woman who changed and no longer likes to “perriar,” essentially have fun and be who she was. 

“Yo Perrero Sola”- This song will definitely have all the ladies dancing on the floor as Bad Bunny sings of a woman who dances alone. The song has A LOT of bass and blends reggaeton with Latin trap. 

“Bichiyal”- In this one Bad Bunny sings about a girl who is almost single, dances, and does whatever she wants. Again, if listeners listen to the album from start to finish, the dancing must continue since this song features the reggaeton vibes everyone enjoys. 

“Solia”- This song is great as it mixes Latin pop and urbano. The subject of this song is a woman who goes out alone to dance and have a good time but doesn’t want a relationship with anyone because she’s been lied to before. With this song, listeners will either dance or just chill. It seems like a great song to listen to in the car too. 

“La Zona”- A combination of urbano and reggaeton, this song keeps the party going. Bad Bunny sings about a woman who he has an off and on relationship with and who is independent. 

“Que Malo”- In this one, Bad Bunny sings about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend. He thinks it’s too bad she broke up with him because he liked having an affair with her knowing she was with another man. This song has more of a reggaeton and latin trap sound to it so it’s also fit for dancing. 

“Vete”- Bad Bunny isn’t playing in this song as he tells his lover to leave because the door is wide open and no one is going to put up with her. He wishes her happiness and fun but doesn’t want her to come back. Unlike other songs where he misses his ex, in this one he definitely wants to just move on since he’s just thankful he’s a stronger person after this relationship. This song is more urbano and latin pop and is overall a fun song to sing aloud while waving your hands to someone to leave.

“Ignorantes”- This song had many people in their feelings when it dropped because in it Bad Bunny sings about a relationship he can’t make work even if they both love each other. It’s a relatable song for many and a song to enjoy and maybe even dance to.

“A Tu Merced”- The dancing resumes with this song as it combines reggaeton and urbano. In this one, Bad Bunny sings that he’s waiting on a girl to text back because even with all the women blowing up his phone, he’s at her mercy. The song also features a fun and relatable lyric that goes, “Mañana tengo examen, pero tú lo sabe'/

Que si me llama', no estudio.” (“I have an exam tomorrow, but you know that if you call me, I won’t study.”)

“Una Vez”- The story of this song concerns itself with a woman Bad Bunny wants to have a relationship with but can’t because she has a boyfriend. The song combines reggaeton and urbano sounds, and as such, is great for dancing. 

“Safaera”- Probably the wildest song in the album, “Safaera” seems to have one purpose only and it is to make you D-A-N-C-E, or more specifically, perriar. The song goes through eight tempo changes and straight reggaeton. 

“25/8”, “Esta Cabron Ser Yo”, and “P FKN R”- These three songs would fall under the latin trap genre and deal with the aspects of fame and Puerto Rican pride. All three are great to jam out to and reflect on. 

“<3”- This song sounds very much like Latin rap and is Bad Bunny’s self-reflection of his career thus far as well as what the future holds for him. It’s a nice song to bop your head to and to listen to when you want to be chill. It is a great conclusion to the album and leaves listeners excited for the future.